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Why the
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The #1 Health Threat To Black Americans is: OBESITY

The African American Diet™ (AA Diet™) is Nature's diet.  It is more than just a diet book.  No. It is a diet program and lifestyle that will enable you to lose weight fast, safely and permanently.  It was designed by nature long ago.  The AA Diet wants you to "Eat Well, or Don't Bother."  That's the way nature intended - that you should eat only nutritious, healthy foods that compliment your basic African / Mediterranean physiology - which is the "Modern Mankind Model."

It is well known that all 6+ Billion people on Earth have ancestral origins somewhere in Africa.  Every person on Earth owes their existence to your Brown or Black modern mankind model.  Those other diets want you to eat lots of dairy products, which nature never intended for you to do.  Things like eggs, cheese, milk and other by products - are not part of nature's plan for Black folks.  Did you know that African American women have a lower average resting metabolic rate than White women?  This seemingly genetic difference helps explain why Black women use less calories than a comparable White person, and that means losing less weight.  Did you know that nearly 70% of Black persons are lactose intolerant?  Did you know that 67% of Black Americans are overweight or even obese?  These differences and many others require a diet specific to the needs of Black people in the United States.

Two Simple Steps:  The first step is the “14 Day Body Sculpting Step”. The Body Sculpting step is the most challenging of the two steps, because your mind will still want your body to live in the "Fat Past."  The support tools the AA Diet provide makes this step easier and easier as you go along.  Don't worry, you'll do just fine!  The reward and best part is that stomach, hip and butt fat go away first. There are no calories to count and lots of flexibility along the way. Step two is the “Daily Habit Fit for Life Maintenance” stage.  During this step, you’ll cement your new eating routines and menu selections into a habit that will have you instinctively eating right forever. The combination of these two steps and the Naughty/Nice list, Daily Pledge of Honor and Daily tracking tools will allow you to reach your weight goals quickly and without a lot of stress or hunger.  The new you is waiting inside!

No Owners Manual: Nearly every major purchase you make comes with some sort of owners manual or guide to tell you how to get the most out of your purchase.  Unfortunately, a Black woman, man or child never gets an owners manual or anything to help us make our body's last longer, look and feel better.  The lack of an owners manual has been a fattening and often fatal hardship for African Americans.  We are left to copy what others have done or learn from fattening company advertisements.  We use to have a good owner's manual, but it was taken and stolen from us.  Now the AA Diet provides a single document that can help guide the African American in the direction of food choices that nature intended all along.      

YOU could be one of the first to share the AA Diet in your community, city or state. YOU could be one of the first to benefit financially from the wealth and weight loss the new AA Diet will bring to African American communities!

There are nearly 35.8 Million African Americans.  Most are overweight or worse.  Nearly 24 Million (67%) of these Black Americans are overweight or even obese.  This is a serious problem that WE need to fix.  We need everyone to share the AA Diet plan throughout the nation to help slow, and even reverse this awful situation.  Part of sharing is getting the word out by telling others (friends, family & acquaintances) about the benefits of using the AA Diet and its nutritional supplements. Unlike the greedy diet doctors that keep all of the money from selling their diet books, the AA Diet seeks to genuinely help people by sharing not only the best diet designed by nature, but also the financial benefit that comes along with it.     

Since nearly all of us need to hear this message, then it stands to reason that all of us should share in the wealth that results from sharing the message!  Sharing is a concept taught by God and learned early in pre-school and kindergarten.  We need to the ability to lift the deadly epidemic facing Black people today.  Also, we can introduce our fellow brothers and sisters to the AA Diet eating plan and products.  As they benefit, we all should benefit from the purchases they make in helping to spread the word and lose the weight.

We truly can reverse the trend of growing obesity among our African American brothers and sisters.  Alas, we all know that nothing is free.  Just as this obesity epidemic is costing us in lives, lost opportunity, and lost health - it will cost us just a small amount to reverse this problem.  As more and more Black people learn about the AA Diet and buy its support supplements, that wealth will be spread among those who introduce its benefits and share the plan with others.  That's only fair - it's called SHARING!

The AA Diet is unique, because as you introduce others to the diet, you receive a portion of their plan purchase.   As they continue to buy nutrition supplements and other products to help improve themselves, you are paid a portion of that purchase.  When you help someone else rediscover the AA Diet eating plan, you get paid a portion of that person's purchase.  It's called sharing!   Sharing is good.  Helping others is good.  You can even earn a significant residual, perpetual and on-going income by simply sharing the diet with others.

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Nearly 27% of African Americans are obese and most of them are women. Seventy-eight percent (78% - over 3 out of 4) of Black women are overweight and 50.8% (over half) are obese according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  

The most significant health threat to African Americans is being overweight and obese. This is especially true for African American women. So listen up. Every woman is afraid of breast cancer. It is not breast cancer that is the major threat for Black women. It is obesity. Obesity is excessive body fat. Typically being 20% or more above your ideal weight makes you obese.  Obesity has been linked to higher incidences of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cancer and more.  

Dr. Kathleen M. McTigue of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published a report in the June 2002 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. She tracked nearly 9,000 men and women born 1957 to 1964. Her study showed that obesity developed most quickly in African American women and that they were more likely to be obese than White women. She also reported that African American women became overweight earlier in life by age 24 to 27, compared with White women who became overweight over a decade later near age 35. Dr. McTigue says, “...A 17 year old Black girl with just a few extra pounds was quite likely to be obese by the time she was in her mid to late-20’s.” That statement nearly knocked me off my feet. It was also one of the key reasons for writing the AA Diet plan book. To think that a young adolescent African American girl could be predicted to be obese by just looking at a few extra pounds on her, was profound to me.  

Fat and Obese African American Kids

A study, published in 2002 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reported that 36% (over 1 out of 3) of our African American children, ages 6 to 11 are overweight and that 20% of them are obese. That’s right, 1 out of 5 African American very young children are obese.  Pretty soon the fat kids on the playground are going to out number the skinny kids and tease them for being skinny.  “Our message is simple: Kids' health, and lives, are at risk. It's time to take action. We're raising the first generation of people who may very well live less long than their parents," said Dr. William Hacker, acting public health commissioner for Kentucky.